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My Probiotic 100 billion 60 cap


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My Gut Protocol

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Restore Your Healthy Gut with Supplements at SeeBeyond Shop

The gut microbiota plays a crucial role in your overall digestive health. Trillions of good bacteria, fungi, and microbes make up your microbiota and make your digestive environment healthy. However, because of the presence of live organisms in the gut, it is plausible for bad bacteria to thrive in that environment as well.

Improve your gut health by managing your good bacteria through our dietary supplements. Learn more about our gut health supplements by scheduling a consultation with us. Your first consultation is free here at SeeBeyond Shop.

The Role of Gut Microbiome in Your Gut Health

Gut microbiota plays a significant role in controlling digestion and enhancing your immune system function through the live organisms that keep your digestive tract healthy. Although microbiota does not have the same ability as enzymes in breaking down food components, they act as support for indigestible components that only intestinal cells can access. 

Regulating the gut microbiota significantly affects your gut health. Regulated levels of good bacteria in your stomach aid in nutrient absorption that was not digested by your enzymes. However, not all microorganisms found in your gut are beneficial to your digestive health. 

Microbiomes that do not belong to the gut are detrimental microorganisms that may affect your digestive health and overall immunity; this is also known as bad bacteria. Bad bacteria are sourced from unhealthy food consumption and lifestyle habits; not many are aware that these bacteria further feed on sugary food to thrive.

Proper management of the live organisms in your gut is essential for optimal digestion. Consult with a qualified physician to know how dietary supplements can improve your gut health.

How Gut Health Supplements Manage Your Gut Microbiome

Dietary supplements for gut health contain probiotics for gut reset, which entails restoring the proper function of your microbiota, as well as the normal composition of your gut microbiome. 

There are instances when proper food consumption and lifestyle habits are enough to restore your gut flora, but you can further speed up your gut microbiome restoration through supplements to prevent inflammation and other intestinal diseases. 

Moreover, a study has reviewed how probiotics further improved gut health by introducing beneficial functions to the gut microbiome.

Scientifically-Proven Supplements for Gut Health

Proper management of the microbial communities in your gut is significant for the absorption of more nutrients that the enzymes could not sufficiently break down. These nutrients are essential for supporting normal digestive processes and boosting the body’s overall immunity. The best supplements to add in your diet that are beneficial to your gut are the following:

1) Probiotics

Probiotics don’t simply replace the diminished good bacteria, it also regulates the levels of both the good and the bad bacteria in your gut. 

SeeBeyond shop offers My Probiotic 100 billion and Ther-biotic Factor 6, which contains a probiotic blend of 100 billion colony forming units (daily value not established). GF Ultra GI Probiotic Powder, DF Ultra Probiotic, DF Ultra IB Probiotic and DF Ultra Acute Care Probiotic for multidimensional daily probiotic support. My Lean Gut is also available as a vegetarian and gluten-free probiotic strain that is effective in improving gut composition and promoting better absorption.

For a probiotic formula that is spore-based and broad-spectrum, SIBO Rescue may be the type of probiotic supplement for you. This includes a unique serum-derived bovine immunoglobulins formula that helps eliminate toxins and bad bacteria.

2) Prebiotics 

If sugary foods feed the bad bacteria in your gut, prebiotic fibers provide the much-needed nourishment of probiotics that allows these microorganisms to thrive in your gut.

Go Fiber is SeeBeyond’s low-allergy blend of dietary fibers to support regular bowel movements for those who have occasional constipation. Therefore, the 6 grams of fiber blend per serving is good for those who have sensitivity to psyllium, wheat, corn, or citrus. This is a powder supplement that you can add to your regular morning juice, or consume alone, as directed by a medical professional.

3) Digestive Enzymes

Digestive enzymes are proteins that are essential in breaking down food and facilitating proper digestion. If you have problems tolerating certain foods, this may be attributed to how well your body absorbs nutrient contents. So intake of digestive enzyme supplements can help improve your nutrient absorption and food digestion.

For digestive enzyme supplements, Complete Digest from SeeBeyond Shop contains special protease DPP IV (i.e, dipeptidyl peptidase IV) and Betaine HCl which helps facilitate your tolerance of gluten, casein, and lactose. This supplement is recommended to be taken before meals if you’re experiencing constipation, bloating after eating, and the feeling of fullness after consuming food in small quantities.

4) Betaine HCl

Betaine hydrochloride is a supplement that provides hydrochloric acid for people who have stomach acid deficiency. An acidic form of betaine, this is a vitamin-like substance that may be found in grains to improve the digestion and absorption of nutrients and minerals consumed.

Available at SeeBeyond Shop is Complete Digest, which aids in breaking down food that is difficult to digest. In this supplement, digestive enzymes are combined with Betaine HCl to improve digestion. Additionally, this is recommended to be taken in pure encapsulation, or as directed by your physician.

5) Diamine Oxidase

At some point, you may experience histamine intolerance depending on your body’s reaction to frequent use of the medication. However, the diamine oxidase enzyme helps break down the histamine in the digestive tract for relief of allergic symptoms. Dao-Hist is a product available at SeeBeyond Shop which contains this enzyme.

6) Humic Acids

Humic acids are gut-healing supplements to enhance your healthy microbiota. Results of a study show that humic acids have a positive effect on a healthy colonic microbiome, as it boosts the beneficial bacteria in the colon. Ion Gut Health supplements containing aqueous humic substances are available at SeeBeyond Shop.

7) L-Glutamine

This is a type of amino acid that acts as a primary metabolic fuel that helps restore the intestinal wall, strengthening it in the process and improving nutrient absorption. L-Glutamine powder is available at SeeBeyond Shop to help form amino acids, glucose, protein, and glutathione essential for your gut health.

8) Magnesium

Magnesium helps regulate bowel movements when fiber is insufficient to perform that function. Along with that function, it also supports better sleep to restore normal overall organ function and immunity.

Available at SeeBeyond Shop is the Magnesium Citrate Powder Supplement in lemon flavor. Each 1 teaspoon serving contains 300mg of magnesium. The dosage intake may be adjusted as needed or as directed by a medical practitioner.

Why You Should Choose Gut Health Supplements from SeeBeyond Shop

Regulating the microbial communities in your gut is essential for its functional support of the enzymes responsible for nutrient absorption in your body. Dietary supplements may be helpful to enhance your gut function through the infusion of deficient supplements in your body.

With a wide range of doctor-recommended gut health supplements, SeeBeyond Shop delivers the right supplements that may enhance the composition of the gut flora. Learn more about our gut health supplements by scheduling a consultation with us. Your first consultation is free here at SeeBeyond Shop.

Our Products

A wide range of gut supplements are expertly formulated to the specific needs of your gut, but our team has also uniquely formulated other nutritional dietary supplements with ingredients designed to balance the intestinal flora, such as the OrthoFlora Yeast Support.

The OrthoFlora Yeast support contains nutritional and traditional herb substances to improve the composition of the gut flora, which is significant for a healthy digestive system, nutrient absorption, and immune system function. This supplement contains Candida albicans, which is a naturally-occurring yeast found in the normal gut flora.

If you want to try out our recommended products for starters that support every aspect of your gut health, you can buy My Gut Package at a discounted price. This package promotes gut strength by including the following supplements:

  • My probiotic
  • Complete digest
  • L-Glutamine

Frequently Asked Questions on Gut Health Supplements

Q: How long is the treatment period to improve your gut health?

A: The gut is a highly adaptable part of your body. If you are currently taking supplements that are relevant to your condition, you can expect improvements after 1 to 2 weeks of your initial supplement intake. However, it can take up to a year. 3 months is a good time frame for noticeable results but 1 year for fully healed gut.

Q: Do I need to avoid anything while taking the supplements for gut health?

A: Discuss a treatment plan with your Doctor  such as avoiding certain medications , that may have negative interactions with probiotics including antibiotics and antifungals. NSAIDS, such as Advil may also negatively impact gut health. .

Q: Are there any lifestyle factors that may contribute to a faster gut reset?

A: For faster restoration of your gut flora, you need to shift to healthy eating habits to avoid sources of bad bacteria in your gut. You may also want to revise your diet to accommodate the following needs:

  • Add more probiotic foods to your diet
  • Eat more fiber-enriched foods
  • Reduce consumption of foods with excessive sugar
  • Avoid processed foods
  • Regularly consume bone broth for amino acids
  • Get regular and enough sleep

Q: How do I spot signs of healing in my gut?

A: Gut healing usually depends on your initial symptoms, therefore, being relieved of those symptoms may be the first signs that your gut is improving. Other signs include the following:

  • Regular bowel movement
  • Healthy and glowing skin
  • Restored energy levels
  • Improved cognitive performance
  • Improved overall mood
  • Improved weight

Regulate Your Gut Microbiome with Digestive Supplements at SeeBeyond Shop

Your gut health plays a crucial role in enhancing the nutrient absorption function of your body for improved immunity and digestive processes. The good thing is that your gut is a highly adaptable system of your body, therefore, dietary supplements and healthy food consumption are enough to regulate your gut flora.

Gut health supplements to regulate your microbial communities are available here at SeeBeyond shop. Learn more about our gut health supplements by scheduling a consultation with us. Your first consultation is free here at SeeBeyond Shop.

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