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My Weight is a doctor-formulated weight management supplement that’s packed a well-researched nutrients that help boost metabolism, decrease appetite, and support a healthier mindset.

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You can pick up and pay for your order at our main office at 2 Overhill Road, Suite 260, Scarsdale, NY, 10583, United States.

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Cancellation Policy: Customers may cancel an order by contacting us. If a cancellation is requested after an order has shipped, the package must be returned for refund, as per our Return Policy.

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How My Weight Works

My Weight is a positive alternative to popular prescription and over the counter weight loss medications, which may pose serious cardiac side effects. Its evidence on how it can boost metabolism, quench anxiety, improve mood and promote good sleep and energy is explained below.

Real People, Real Results

"I tried the “my weight” loss product. Fantastic! I don’t feel hungry for the whole day. It’s worth trying it. Great!!!"


My Weight Ingredients

Now Let’s go over each of the ingredients and make sure this is the magic supplement you were looking for.
Pyridoxine B6
Vitamin B12
Green Tea

Pyridoxine B6 may improve mood, prevent clogged arteries and reduce cardiovascular disease

Vitamin B12 comes in two different forms, cyano-cobalamine and methyl- cobalamine. Cyano as suggested by it’s name contains a cyanide molecule and is a synthetic B12, not found in nature. Methylcobalamin is a naturally occuring form of B12 found in food, such as egg and meat. Cyanocobalamin is cheaper to produce but we chose to use methylcobalamin as the MTHFR genetic mutation is very common in the general population. MTHFR is a methylation defect which may lead to cardiovascular disease. Methylated vitamin B is needed to reduce cardiovascular risk in individuals with MTHFR genetic mutation. Essential in the metabolism of fatty acids and proteins, Methylcobalamin helps with energy production. A deficiency in Vitamin B12 leads to inefficient use of energy, making it more difficult to do physical activities for weight loss.

Ciccus is the secret ingredient that may offer an evidence based solution to central obesity and metabolic syndrome. High concentrations of vitamin C and antioxidants like carotenoids, tannins and phenols in Cissus may decrease the proinflammatory state of obese patients. A randomized, double-blinded, placebo-controlled research study with 124 overweight and obese patients found 8 weeks of taking Cissus resulted in stastically significant net reductions in weight regardless of the diet. Furthermore, significant reduction in central obesity, as well as lab values such as fasting blood glucose, total cholesterol, LDL, triglycerides and C-reactive protein were observed in participants. In another 10 week study involving 72 overweight patients, statistically significant reduction in body weight, visceral fat, waist size, blood sugar, total cholesterol and LDL level were achieved. Cissus can cause mild side effects like dry mouth, headache, insomnia and digestive issues. If you are already taking diabetes medication, it can lower your blood sugar further. This powerful plant in the grape family has been believed to offer protection against heart disease, diabetes and stroke for centuries and treat inflammatory conditions. It’s claim now is supported by many research papers.

Green tea is a popular longevity drink in Asia, full of phytochemicals, antioxidants and caffeine. Two important molecules in green tea related to weight loss are EGCG and caffeine. Fat burning, or increased metabolism must happen to achieve successful weight loss. How does fat burning happen? Green tea boosts the effects of a fat burning hormone called norepinephrine. The main antioxidant in green tea called EGCG can help block the enzyme that degrades down the norepinephrine. When fat cells break down and fatty acids are released into the bloodstream, energy is created for muscle cells to use. Many studies have shown EGCG to increase basal metabolic rate by 3-4%, some even show an increase, as high as, 8%. Caffeine is a proven stimulant that helps with fat burning and improves exercise performance in many research studies. The effects of green tea are potentiated with exercise.

L-theanine is well known to ease stress and anxiety. This water soluble amino acid, naturally found in green tea and mushrooms, is famous for promoting wakeful relaxation without sedation. It may even lower blood pressure and heart rate. Stress raises cortisol and cortisol increases your appetite, making you eat more and gain visceral fat. Some anxious or depressed people find comfort in food and eat their emotions away. L-theanine decreases excitatory brain neurotransmitters and modulates inhibitory neurotransmitters and thus promotes calm. One research study has shown that L-theanine improves attention span and reaction time in people with anxiety. Its ability to selectively bind to glutamate receptors may have a neuroprotective effect as well. From 2017 to 2018, 63 studies showed weight loss in obese patients with improved cholesterol and neuroprotective effect. The perfect combination of green tea extract and L-theanine in My Weight can give you an improved focus and energy without feeling stressed and anxious, naturally resulting in successful weight loss.

SAM-e, a naturally occuring amino acid in our body controls brain chemistry, reduces inflammation and prevents uncontrolled cell growth. Dopamine, serotonin and norepinephrine which support motivation, mood and focus, can not be made without SAM-e. Taking SAM-e may help you to sleep better and feel less depressed. It is a lot easier to execute the steps to lose weight when you are less depressed and focused after a good night’s sleep. As a supplier for methyl group and organic sulfur, SAM-e boosts the production of glutathione, a master antioxidant, decreasing oxidative stress and inflammation. Obesity is a proinflammatory condition, decreasing inflammation is an important part of obesity treatment. Lastly, SAM-e prevents uncontrolled cell division and growth, which is one of the characteristics of cancer cells and fat cells. Obesity is linked to higher risk of 13 different kinds of cancers including breast cancer and colon cancer.

Customer Reviews

  1. Catherine (store manager)

    It is rare for me to find a weight loss supplement that works!  My cravings are down, and I am in such a better mood since taking My Weight.

  2. Katy (store manager)

    My Weight is a great product. I was looking for a product with Slendacor because my friend told me how it helped burn fat. I have been taking this for a few weeks and am seeing a difference in my weight for sure.

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My Weight (60 Cap)

My Weight (60 Cap)



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