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Doctor-Formulated Acne Products for Healthy and Blemish-Free Skin

Around 9.4% of the population worldwide is affected by acne, with 50 million Americans having this skin concern yearly. While not usually life-threatening, these inflamed blemishes can cause unflattering marks, depressed scars, and hyperpigmentations, possibly impairing your self-esteem and social and emotional state. 

Acne can be caused by the environment, while some have inherited acne-prone skin, making the right skin care products and routine essential for controlling the appearance of these blemishes. 

SeeBeyond Shop has doctor-formulated acne products for patients seeking to prevent or manage these skin impurities. Our skin care line is made with high-quality materials tailor-fitted to address your skin’s specific needs, from sensitive skin and dry skin to combination and oily skin. Browse our catalog today to learn more about our products.

What Causes Acne?

There are many different factors and causes of acne — pinpointing the main culprit of the appearance of these blemishes may not be as simple sometimes. But knowing the triggers and underlying causes of your acne is vital for managing it. The causes of acne are:

  • Excess production of oil or sebum
  • Bacteria build-up
  • Hair follicles and pores clogged by dead skin cells and sebum
  • Inflammation
  • Hormones
  • Diet
  • Stress
  • Medications

Acne starts to develop once excess oil or sebum and dead skin cells clog the hair follicles. This becomes inflamed once bacteria enter and triggers inflammation, causing redness, pigmentation, and acne scars. Those with oily skin are more prone to developing acne. Your hormones, lifestyle, and some medications you might be taking can also worsen the appearance of these skin concerns.

What are the Types of Acne?

Acne might just look like the same inflamed bumps on the skin, but they actually come in different types. Knowing the kind of acne you have is crucial for determining the appropriate acne treatment your skin needs, involving medications, acne products, and a skincare routine.

Type of AcneDescriptionRecommended Acne Treatment
WhiteheadsClosed bumps clogged by dead skin and excess oilSalicylic acidAzelaic acidBenzoyl peroxideRetinoidsPrescriptive retinoidsOral antibioticsIn-office acne treatment
BlackheadsOpen bumps filled with dead skin and excess oil, having a dark appearance inside due to irregular lighting on the clogged hair follicle.Salicylic acidAzelaic acidBenzoyl peroxideRetinoidsPrescription retinoidsOral antibioticsIn-office acne treatment
Cystic AcneAcne-causing pimples filled with pus deep in the skin, causing pain and redness.Topical antibiotics Azelaic acid Salicylic acid Benzoyl peroxideRetinoids Corticosteroid injections Draining the pus with incisionsSpironolactone or birth control pillsIsotretinoin
Pustules Pus-filled pimples resembling whiteheads but with red rings, causing acne scars if scratched, picked, or popped. Salicylic acidPeroxideSulfurPrescription topical and oral antibiotics
PapulesSmall inflamed bumps on the skinBenzoyl peroxide or salicylic acidTopical antibioticsSpironolactone or birth control pills
NodulesPainful solid acne located deep in the skinAntibioticsPrescription benzoyl peroxidePrescription salicylic acid Retinoids
Fungal acne or Pityrosporum folliculitisItchy and inflamed blemishes caused by excess yeast in the hair folliclesAntifungal cream or oral medications, or ketoconazole

Acne can come in different types and forms. While some of these ingredients and medications are widely available in over-the-counter acne products, you might want to be sure about the kind of acne you have. This will prevent side effects and complications exacerbating the current condition of your skin concern.

What to Look for in Anti-Acne Solutions

You can buy your acne treatment and treat these skin impurities at home. But it’s necessary to research the brands and products you’re considering. Here are some of the tips for choosing the appropriate acne products for your skin:

  • Know your options – understand the skin care products you should get and what they do for your skin. You may be overwhelmed at first with all the available products — it’s important to understand your skin type and what it needs to know the right solutions to pick for:
    • Cleansers – these remove makeup residue, excess oil, dead skin, and other dirt. Choose cleansers with the active ingredients mentioned above to fight acne but be sure to choose the product for your skin type.
    • Toners – toners remove dirt and oil residue, balance your skin’s pH levels, and prepare it for applying serums, creams, and other skin care treatments.
    • Moisturizers – these keep your skin protected and hydrated — even those with oily skin mustn’t skip moisturizers.
    • Leave-on treatments – these are serums, ointments, or creams you leave on your face for acne treatment. Research extensively on the products you’ll use and how to apply them because these can cause skin irritations.
  • Determine your skin type – aside from choosing skin care products dedicated to fighting acne, you must also determine if they’re suitable for your skin type. Some of the skin types are:
    • Normal skin – the skin is neither dry nor oily. Many ingredients are suitable for this skin type, except those with alcohol, which can be drying.
    • Dry skin – the skin lacks hydration, so it tends to crack and get wrinkly and flaky. It’s prone to skin irritations, so you might want to avoid drying products or those with salicylic acid and alcohol. Choose products with mild and moisturizing ingredients, like lanolin, ceramides, and glycerin.
    • Sensitive skin – your skin is reactive to skin care products and the environment – it tends to get dry, red, and easily irritated. You should opt for gentle solutions and avoid those with essential oils, fragrances, parabens, salicylic acid, sulfates, alcohol, and harsh chemicals. Some recommended ingredients are witch hazel, aloe vera, oatmeal, seaweed, and green tea.
    • Combination skin – combination skin has normal skin types in some areas and oily in others, usually the T-zone. You might want to avoid products with irritants and drying chemicals, like fragrances, essential oils, alcohol, and salicylic acid, and clogging ingredients, like mineral oil, coconut oil, and petrolatum.
    • Oily skin – those with oily skin have sebaceous glands that produce excess oil and are prone to acne. Avoid products that can clog your pores, like petrolatum, mineral oil, and coconut oil.
  • Check the ingredients – experts highly recommend checking the label when choosing your acne treatment. Some of the common ingredients are:
    • Salicylic acid
    • Benzoyl peroxide
    • Alpha hydroxy acids like glycolic acid
    • Resorcinol
    • Tea tree oil
    • Sulfur

If you want to be certain about your skin and acne type and the right skin care and routine you need, you may consult a dermatologist for a more guided treatment. You may also benefit from doctor-formulated skin care lines, like SeeBeyond Shop. Committed to safety and effectiveness, we create acne products with only the best ingredients.

Anti-Acne Products at SeeBeyond Shop

SeeBeyond Shop is a trusted brand of skin care and acne products formulated by board-certified doctors. We create solutions customized to address your skin impurities and provide for your skin’s needs.

Acne ProductDescriptionWhat It DoesGood ForDaily ApplicationActive Ingredient
10% AHA Exfoliating CleanserGel cleanser for mild exfoliation and pH level balance, with a light-weight and sulfate-free formulationEliminates dirt and sebum from the face
Boosts the natural exfoliation process of the skin
Prepares your skin for topical and/or in-office acne treatments
Balances the skin’s pH levels
Acne-prone skinHyperpigmentationRough skin textureSkin elasticityTwice a day, morning and eveningGlycolic acidChamomile RosehipChondrus Crispus
Rosehip Regenerative Balancing CleanserA gentle, non-irritating, and sulfate-free cleanser for eliminating skin impurities and promoting skin regeneration, mild enough to be used several times a dayRemoves dirt, excess, oil, and dead skin without drying the skin 
Promotes skin regeneration for tighter, youthful, and clearer skin

Normal skinDry skinSensitive skinTwice a day, morning and evening or as neededRosehip seed oilChondrus CrispusGlycerinVarious botanical extracts
My Acne Solution KitAll-in-one package to resolve acne, containing the following:
Beta Hydroxy Cleanser
Botanical Clay Mask
Exfoliating Seaweed Extract
Beta Hydroxy Cleanser – cleanses the skin by removing deep-seated dirt and dead skin cells, while leaving it hydrated
Botanical Clay Mask – detoxifies the skin, removes excess oil, and improves the appearance of clogged pores.
Exfoliating Seaweed Extract – chemically exfoliates the skin while leaving it moisturized and hydrated
Acne-prone skinAs indicatedBeta Hydroxy Cleanser:Glycolic acidSalicylic acidLactic acidCamphor and lavenderBotanical Clay Mask:Chamomile Allantoin Hyaluronic AcidMineral-rich clayGlycerin
Exfoliating Seaweed Extract:Chondrus CrispusHyaluronic acidSalicylic acid
Microdermabrasion Exfoliating ScrubExfoliating scrub for removing dirt, excess oil, and dead skin cells, leaving the skin fresh, smooth, and hydrated.Eliminates stubborn dead skin cells
Promotes softer and clearer skin
All skin typesSuitable for exfoliating the bodyEvery day as neededAluminum Oxide CrystalsHyaluronic AcidRed Tea Extract
Exfoliating Seaweed ExtractExfoliates the skin with organic compounds that efficiently assimilates into the skin to address deep-seated dirt, while leaving the skin moisturized and hydratedExfoliates dead skin cells
Opens and cleans clogged pores
Moisturizes the skin
Strengthens the skin’s protective barrier
All skin typesEvery night or as neededChondrus CrispusHyaluronic acidSalicylic acid
Beta Hydroxy Purifying CleanserCleanses and hydrates the skin with AHA and BHAExfoliates and unclogs pores
Washes off excess oil and makeup residue
Refines pores
Soothes acne breakouts and redness
Brightens hyperpigmentation
Acne-prone skinOily skinTwice a day, morning and eveningGlycolic acidSalicylic acidLactic acidCamphor and lavender

Browse Our Catalog Today at SeeBeyond Shop for Your Anti-Acne Products

Acne leaves blemishes and acne scars, taking a toll on our self-esteem and personal life. Some patients have greater risks of developing acne due to genetics, skin type, environment, and more. But you can still manage this skin concern with the right skin care routine and acne products. So choosing solutions formulated by experts for acne treatment for your skin type can leave you with healthier and clearer skin.

SeeBeyond Shop offers various doctor-formulated skin care products customized specially for your skin type, giving exactly what it needs. We create acne products with only high-quality organic ingredients beneficial for your skin. Get started in resolving stubborn acne for healthier and more radiant skin with us. Browse our catalog today to learn more about our skincare products.

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