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Daily Energy Supplements that Fit Your Energy Density at SeeBeyond Shop

Feeling tired is normal, but consistently having low energy levels may require professional medical advice. Fatigue manifests through different symptoms of a lingering lack of energy, which may be a direct result of a current medical condition. This emphasizes the importance of seeking treatments for fatigue to avoid the risk of any underlying condition you may have. 

Our energy supplements are recommended by doctors all over the world to replenish your body’s energy supply. These supplements work best with the assistance of a physician who can identify your energy density and prescribe the right dosage of supplements that your body needs. To know more about our products, you can schedule a free initial consultation with us.

Understanding Energy Deficiency

Fatigue is described as unexplained, constant exhaustion that limits you from properly performing your normal routine or activities. This condition may be characterized as acute or chronic fatigue syndrome. If you have acute fatigue, it generally lasts for a short period of time and giving your body the right amount of rest that it needs will restore your energy level. 

However, if you have chronic fatigue, waking up in the morning will make you feel as if you have not slept at all. It also has a long-term effect on your productivity and management of daily affairs. Fatigue may be caused by underlying medical conditions that need to be immediately addressed. If symptoms of chronic fatigue persist, you must consult your physician.

Signs and Symptoms of Fatigue

It is normal to feel drained of energy, especially after a long hectic week at work. You may feel less productive and less energetic, but your energy level tends to return after a refreshing weekend. 

But if that exhausted feeling seems to be a hindrance to your normal activities, or if getting the right amount of sleep does not work anymore, then it is about time to be aware of the signs and symptoms of chronic fatigue such as the following:

  • Muscle aches
  • Tiredness, even after a good night’s sleep or long resting period
  • Difficulty in concentrating on tasks
  • Increased frustration and impatient attitude

How Intake of Energy Supplements Increases Your Energy Levels

Addressing your energy deficiency by resolving your underlying medical issues is not always the most effective treatment for chronic fatigue. When an energy drink is not enough to resolve your exhaustion, energy supplements are needed for faster energy production and more effective restoration of your normal body function.

Furthermore, how do energy supplements restore your energy level? The factors leading to chronic fatigue decrease certain vitamins, minerals, and nutrients in your body that are essential for its efficient energy production. Hence, intake of energy supplements will replenish the normal levels of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients in your body.

Energy Supplements for Enhanced Cellular Processes

One of the advantages of oral medication such as energy supplements is that these products do not have any major side effects. You can also stop taking these medications anytime without any adverse effects. Some of these supplements are the following:

  • Magnesium. Magnesium is the second most abundant mineral found inside cells, which emphasizes its significance for normal body functioning. Stored in the muscles and bones, this essential mineral facilitates at least 300 biochemical reactions in the body, including converting food into energy. The findings of a study also show the role of magnesium in chronic fatigue syndrome.
  • Creatine. Results of a study show that creatine is also important in sports nutrition for athletic performance. However, the effects of creatine are reduced as extensive exercises are performed. Hence, it is safe to have moderate exercise routines if you are trying to recover from fatigue by intake of this supplement.
  • B Complex. Vitamin B12 is an essential component of the vitamin B complex to address symptoms of fatigue. These B vitamins play a crucial role in cellular energy production by facilitating the process of converting food into glucose. However, a research article on chronic fatigue syndrome shows that B12 alone does have a substantial effect on your energy levels or mental clarity, unless it is combined with other B vitamins. 
  • Vitamin C. Clinical research shows the feasibility of taking Vitamin C as an energy supplement because it has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that may be effective to improve symptoms of fatigue.
  • Carnitine. According to the National Institutes of Health, Carnitine has a significant role in cellular energy production. Carnitine assists in the oxidation, otherwise known as “burning”, of long-chain fatty acids that are transported into the mitochondria; this leads to the energy production function.
  • Ashwagandha. Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera) is an herbal supplement used to treat chronic fatigue symptoms. This herbal supplement is known to result in increased energy, and overall stamina and endurance. A study shows that aside from fatigue symptoms, ashwagandha may also be helpful to treat stress agents and improve cardiovascular health which serves as the underlying cause of chronic fatigue syndrome.
  • Caffeine. Aside from improving cognitive performance and mental fatigue symptoms, low doses of caffeine are also reported in a review to enhance athletic performance when taken before or during exercise. Just make sure to avoid any added sugar or artificial sweeteners in your coffee. Sugar may result in increased energy levels, however, this energy boost is fleeting and temporary; it may even result in a faster energy drain.
  • Green tea extract. Prolonged consumption of green tea extract results in increased energy as it improves your body’s energy metabolism.
  • Ginseng. Ginseng is not a standard treatment for chronic fatigue. This supplement is used as a home remedy because of its promising benefits in the treatment of fatigue symptoms, as shown in various studies reviewed. The popular types of ginseng supplements used, which are equally reliable treatments for fatigue, are American and Asian ginseng.

Considerations for Increased Effectiveness of Energy Supplements

Energy supplements are designed to boost your energy level, however, continuing with your current unhealthy lifestyle habits may poorly affect their effectiveness. Therefore, you need to consider the following to enhance the effectiveness of your energy supplement:

  • Increase calories. Energy comes from calories, so adjusting your calorie intake by being mindful of each ingredient may help you satisfy your energy density.
  • Follow an energizing diet. Meals that contain a diverse set of healthy food options such as carbohydrates, protein, and healthy fats are essential to restore your energy level.
  • Have proper timing of food consumption. Skipping meals or body starvation may deplete your muscle tissue, which is essential to burn more calories to be converted into energy.
  • Improve sleeping habits. Getting enough quality sleep is essential, not just for your body’s efficient cellular energy production, but for the overall function of the complex systems in your body. Limiting caffeine, avoiding sleeping pills, and establishing fixed sleeping and waking hours are among the many ways you can improve your sleeping habits.
  • Quit smoking. Oxygen is an essential element that is combined with glucose to produce the energy that the body needs. Smoking fills your body with carbon monoxide, therefore, decreasing the oxygen circulating around your system and in the process reducing your cellular energy production.
  • Reduce stress. Stress depletes your energy level, therefore reducing it may increase the effectiveness of energy supplements.

Why You Should Choose SeeBeyond Shop’s Energy Supplements

SeeBeyond Shop offers energy supplements specifically designed to address the deficiencies caused by the factors mentioned. Our energy supplements are gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free, and non-GMO. Learn more about our products, by scheduling a free initial consultation with us.

Our Products

Some of the energy supplements for chronic fatigue available at SeeBeyond Shop are the following:

1) My Energy

The primary objective of the intake of this doctor-formulated medication is to facilitate the metabolism of homocysteine to prevent vitamin deficiency. High levels of homocysteine also put you at risk for cardiovascular disease, which may be the underlying condition behind your chronic fatigue.

My Energy contains our very own proprietary NatureFolate™ blend of substances for the ideal functioning of homocysteine function that allows for biochemical reactions such as detoxification, bone strength, and overall optimal bodily functioning. The following are infused in every capsule of My Energy:

  • 5-methyltetrahydrofolate
  • Amino acid (i.e, taurine and cysteine)
  • Norepinephrine 
  • Dopamine

The recommended intake of this medication as a dietary supplement is at least 2 capsules per day with meals, or as directed by a medical health care practitioner.

2) Super Magnesium

Our Super Magnesium is one of the forms of magnesium that is best absorbed by the body as it forms a very stable chelate, which means that having gastrointestinal symptoms such as an upset stomach or loose stool is no longer a problem associated with the intake of this form of magnesium. 

Therefore, Super Magnesium allows your body to absorb a larger amount of this mineral compared to the traditional form of magnesium supplementation. 

Aside from Magnesium’s direct contribution to boosting your energy level, this supplement also resolves your underlying medical conditions associated with your chronic fatigue by improving the following functions or areas of the body:

  • Relaxation and sleep
  • Carbohydrate Metabolism
  • Digestive function
  • Blood vessel function
  • Cardiovascular health
  • Kidney health
  • Neurological health
  • Bone function

The recommended intake of this medication as a dietary supplement is at least 2 capsules per day with meals, or as directed by a medical health care practitioner.

3) B12 Melts

Each berry-flavored B12 Melts lozenge contains a high dose of methylcobalamin, which is a naturally occurring, highly bioavailable form of vitamin B12. Through B12 Melts, vitamin B12 is delivered through the mucous membrane, which allows for greater absorption of the product as it bypasses the need for other factors in the stomach to facilitate its absorption.

The recommended consumption of this medication as a dietary supplement is at least 1 lozenge dissolved slowly in the mouth per day, or as directed by a medical health care practitioner. For proper absorption of the supplement, do not chew the lozenge. Instead, let the vitamin B12 Melts dissolve slowly in the mouth.

4) Super Carnitine

Each of our Super Carnitine capsules combines L-Carnitine and its acetylated form in a 4:1 ratio. The recommended intake of this medication as a dietary supplement is at least 1 capsule per day before meals (pure encapsulation), or as directed by a medical health care practitioner.

Risk of Constant Fatigue: Untreated Underlying Medical Conditions

Chronic fatigue may be caused by an underlying health concern that needs immediate treatment, most of which are cardiovascular diseases. Some of the underlying causes of fatigue are the following:

  • Allergic rhinitis
  • Alcohol usage
  • Depression
  • Physical stress
  • Physical inactivity
  • Lack of exercise
  • Lack of sleep
  • Unhealthy food options
  • Abnormalities in blood pressure
  • Vitamin D deficiency
  • Oral medications (e.g, antihistamines, cough medicines)

Although energy supplements are widely available and accessible, seeking the advice of a medical professional is still recommended to ensure that the condition causing your constant low energy level is thoroughly addressed.

Improve Your Body’s Metabolic Function and Energy Production with Energy Supplements at SeeBeyond Shop

Energy supplement products are important to improve cellular energy metabolism, but treating the underlying causes behind energy deficiency is also important for a holistic treatment of your chronic fatigue syndrome.

SeeBeyond Shop offers energy supplements specifically designed to address the deficiencies caused by the factors mentioned. Our energy supplements are gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free, and non-GMO. Learn more about our products, by scheduling a free initial consultation with us.

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