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Vegan and Organic Iodine Supplements for Thyroid Health

Iodine is a vital element for many of our bodily processes, from metabolism and energy production to brain and heart health. This mineral is abundant in many foods we eat. But some people are still at a greater risk of developing iodine deficiency, which is linked to developing thyroid disease and other chronic conditions. Those leading a vegan lifestyle are some patients with high chances of having low iodine levels.

SeeBeyond Shop is one of the most reliable brands for dietary supplements, formulated by the best doctors in the field of functional medicine. We provide a wide range of oral nutritional support, including iodine supplements. Our iodine supplements are vegan-friendly and non-GMO, made with the best raw materials to deliver safe and effective results. You may learn more about our iodine supplements and other products by browsing our catalog today.

What is Iodine?

Iodine is an element the body needs for thyroid function to produce hormones. Thyroid hormones are necessary for breaking down the food we eat into heat and energy. We also need these hormones for bone and brain development. 

We all need to ensure a stable iodine status. Pregnant and lactating women must be more conscious about receiving this mineral in their diet to promote the brain and bone development of the fetus. Infants must also receive ample amounts of iodine for this vital function. The body can’t produce its own iodine, so we must ensure that our diet sufficiently provides this. Iodine is widely present in many food choices. You can find it in: 

  • Eggs
  • Seafood
  • Animal meat
  • Iodized salt
  • Seaweed

As the thyroid gland is involved in many bodily functions, low iodine levels are linked to thyroid disease and other chronic health conditions. Insufficient iodine intake gives you the risk of developing goiters or an enlarged thyroid gland. It can’t receive the ample amount of iodine it needs for thyroid hormone production, so it works harder to supply what our body needs, causing it to become swollen or develop cysts.

SeeBeyond Shop formulates nutritional supplements for thyroid support with iodine supplements made by board-certified doctors with only the best raw materials. This is also vegan-friendly and non-GMO, so you may find this food supplement suitable for your lifestyle if you’re vegan.

Who’s at Risk of Having Iodine Deficiency?

While iodine is present in many food choices, some people still have a high risk of developing an iodine deficiency disorder — 2 billion people are affected worldwide. You should know your risk factors of low iodine levels to track its status more attentively and prevent serious thyroid gland complications. You have a higher chance of having this condition if you:

  • Are pregnant, as you need 50% more iodine intake than others for the physical and brain development of the fetus.
  • Reside in high-altitude locations or areas far from the sea, as the source of iodine is scarce
  • Have a vegan lifestyle, not receiving enough iodine due to abstaining from animal products, like meat and dairy
  • Don’t use iodized salt

If you fall into any of these groups, you might want to have your iodine levels checked and monitored by a professional. The good thing is you can opt for iodine supplementation for providing you with this mineral should your diet and lifestyle not suffice. 

Adults must consume around 150 micrograms of iodine daily while pregnant women need 220 micrograms and lactating women 290 micrograms. Infants must have 110 micrograms until they reach 6 months when they should take more with 130 micrograms until they turn 1 year old. Children ages 1 to 8 years old must have 90 micrograms of iodine, while those aged 9 to 13 years must receive 120 micrograms.

SeeBeyond Shop offers one of the best formulations of iodine supplements, guaranteed to be vegan-friendly and non-GMO, so it would suit your lifestyle if you’re a vegan. It’s also created by doctors committed to making it safe and effective for your overall health. 

Signs of Iodine Deficiency

Knowing the symptoms of iodine deficiency is key to its early detection and management. You’ll be able to consult your doctor immediately about checking its levels once you’ve noticed some signs of it in your health. Some indications of iodine deficiency are:

  • Swelling neck
  • Hair loss
  • Unexpected weight gain
  • Weakness
  • Fatigue
  • Dry, flaky skin
  • Sensitivity to cold temperatures
  • Cognitive problems
  • Slower heart rate
  • Heavy and irregular menstruation
  • Pregnancy complications

Seek medical attention immediately once you’ve noticed any of these signs — you may expect imaging and blood tests to thoroughly examine your condition and confirm iodine deficiency. You may be prescribed iodine supplements or a change in diet to stabilize your iodine levels.

SeeBeyond Shop is one of the reliable iodine supplement brands committed to safe and effective support for thyroid health. We have different nutritional supplements for promoting efficient thyroid function. 

Complications of Iodine Deficiency

The thyroid gland needs iodine for hormone production, necessary for metabolism, heart health, and brain development. Leaving your low iodine status untreated for a long time can cause several complications, like:

  • Severe hypothyroidism
  • Heart disease, like heart failure and enlarged heart
  • Depression and other mental health issues
  • Cognitive impairment
  • Peripheral neuropathy or peripheral nerve damage
  • Impaired ovulation leading to infertility
  • Pregnancy issues:
  • Birth defects
  • Stillbirth
  • Miscarriages
  • Preterm delivery
  • Congenital abnormality
  • Cretinism

You may prevent these complications by addressing iodine deficiency as early as possible. You should consult your doctor about the proper diet and medications for stabilizing your iodine status and promoting a healthy thyroid function.

You may benefit from the different supplements for thyroid health at SeeBeyond Shop, from promoting a normal iodine status to providing holistic support for thyroid function. You may learn more by browsing our catalog.

Benefits of Iodine Supplements from SeeBeyond Shop

If you fall into any of the groups with a high risk of developing iodine deficiency, you’d greatly benefit from taking reliable iodine supplements. It keeps your thyroid function on track, promoting normal metabolism, brain development, and overall health. Iodine supplements are good for you because they:

  • Support thyroid health – the thyroid gland needs iodine for thyroid hormone production. With low levels of iodine, the gland works harder to produce these hormones to supply the body’s metabolism, leading to swelling.
  • Help treat thyroid cancer – radioiodine destroys thyroid cells, including cancer, so this mineral is also considered a treatment for thyroid cancer.
  • Prevent goiter – goiters are enlarged thyroid gland, whether it’s swollen or it has developed cysts. Stable iodine levels keep the thyroid glands healthy, preventing goiters.
  • Help regulate overactive thyroid – like thyroid cancer, overactive thyroid may also be treated with radioiodine.
  • Promote cognitive function – pregnant and lactating women and infants need more iodine to support the child’s brain and growth development. A study discovered that children born to women with low iodine levels during pregnancy are likely to have cognitive delays.
  • Boost anti-inflammatory properties – iodine may also be used as a topical solution for disinfecting cuts and grazes.
  • Support fetal neurodevelopment during pregnancy – pregnant and lactating women need more iodine than usual to promote the neurodevelopment and overall growth of the fetus.
  • Help treat fibrocystic breast disease – fibrocystic breast disease is a health condition causing non-cancerous yet painful lumps in the breast. Taking iodine supplements can help manage and treat this disease.
  • Support vegan diet and lifestyle – some iodine supplements are sourced from animals, while some are harvested from kelp or seaweed. Veganism poses a high risk of developing iodine deficiency due to abstaining from consuming any animal products, including dairy. Those with a vegan lifestyle can benefit from a vegan-friendly iodine supplement, like those from SeeBeyond Shop.
  • Ensure organic ingredients – there are iodine supplements made from high-quality organic ingredients, promoting effective results.

Consult your healthcare professional when taking iodine supplements to get the right dosage, prevent side effects from interfering with other medications, and set it up for success. SeeBeyond Shop offers iodine supplements and other thyroid support products made with high-quality and non-GMO ingredients for healthy thyroid hormone production.

Promote Iodine Support with Supplements at SeeBeyond Shop

Iodine is a common mineral found in many of our food choices, but some people still have the risk of developing an iodine deficiency and needing more support than usual. You can stabilize your iodine levels by taking the right nutritional supplements your body needs. 

SeeBeyond Shop offers different supplements for promoting optimal thyroid health and producing sufficient thyroid hormones for metabolism, brain development, and other bodily needs.

Thyroid SupplementIodine Ion SupplementsMolecular Iodine SupplementsThyroid Support Supplements
DescriptionContains iodine with its complement, selenium for maintaining your iodine levels, promotes breast and thyroid health, and reduces oxidative stress in the body.
The supplement uses only organic selenium
Promotes optimal breast tissue and thyroid support with superior iodine for long-term and sustained effects.
Sophistically formulated with a blend of potassium iodide and molecular iodine.
A superior all-in-one formula for providing top-quality thyroid support, with American ginseng or Panax quinquefolius, an adaptogenic herbal medicine that helps promote healthy insulin, sugar, and cortisol levels. It also supports a healthy peripheral thyroid hormone conversion, packed with vitamins and nutrients from non-GMO ingredients. 
Supplement FactsIodine – 3 mgSelenium – 100 mcgPotassium iodide – 7500 mcgMolecular iodine – 5000 mcgIodine – 100 mcgCopper – 5 mgSelenium – 50 mcgVitamin A – 200 IUVitamin B-12 (Riboflavin) – 5 mgZinc – 25 mg
Capsules/Tablets per Bottle90 capsules per bottle90 capsules per bottle120 capsules per bottle, 60 servings
Recommended Dose1 capsule per day or as recommended by your doctorAs prescribed by your doctor2 capsules a day

SeeBeyond Shop uses only the best ingredients for giving high-quality supplements, guaranteed vegan-friendly, non-GMO, and formulated to perfection by board-certified doctors practicing functional medicine. We’re committed to creating safe and effective supplements providing optimal support for your overall health. 

Aside from our iodine and thyroid function supplements, we also have other products customized to your specific bodily needs, from sleep and weight support to promoting heart and brain health. Get started on your health journey today by browsing our catalog. 

Why Choose SeeBeyond Shop

When it comes to your health, you shouldn’t settle for less. SeeBeyond Shop is one of the most trusted brands for providing the best nutritional supplements for a variety of your bodily needs. You should choose SeeBeyond Shop because of its:

  • A comprehensive approach to nutrition – SeeBeyond Shop carefully formulates each supplement to provide safe and most effective overall support possible.
  • Organic, non-GMO supplements– SeeBeyond Shop uses only the best and healthiest ingredients, so it uses bioactive organic materials for your supplements – no harmful chemicals.
  • Vegan-friendly supplements – vegans are one of the groups with a high risk of iodine deficiency. With SeeBeyond Shop’s iodine supplements, they can stabilize their iodine levels without needing to consume animal products.

SeeBeyond Shop is equipped with a wealth of nutritional supplements customized to your specific needs. We also have doctor-formulated skin care products addressing your concerns and promoting healthy and radiant skin. You may get started on your health and skin care journey today by browsing our catalog.

Get Your Iodine Support and Other Health Supplements Today at SeeBeyond Shop

Iodine is an important mineral for your thyroid glands to produce hormones responsible for energy production and many of our bodily needs. While iodine is mostly present in many foods we consume, iodine deficiency disorder still affects many people worldwide, making them at risk of serious complications. Relying on a high-quality iodine supplement can significantly help you prevent these debilitating health conditions.

SeeBeyond Shop is one of the most trusted brands for vegan-friendly and non-GMO nutritional supplements, including iodine supplements. Our thyroid support supplements are made only with the best ingredients, organic and high-quality. Get a boost of your much-needed iodine today for healthy metabolism and bodily processes with our thyroid support supplements. Browse our catalog to learn more about our products and schedule a complimentary consultation with one of our functional medicine providers today.

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