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I asked a lot of questions in my last blog post, but rest assured; now I have answers for you! We went over the science of toxins and why they’re harmful, so now we’re armed with an understanding and ready to take action. You might say we’re ready to walk the walk now that we can talk the tox…or you might not, because you don’t want people to know that you’re a friggin’ dork. Anyway, we’ve already established that toxins suck and that you can ingest them in all sorts of ways; they can be in your water, food, air, cooking products, and beauty products. Yeah! That’s right! I said beauty products! I’m not saying don’t use deodorant or soap (seriously, I’m not saying that. I repeat, I am not advising you to stop using deodorant or soap). Just be careful about what those products contain, since dangerous chemicals like aluminum can get absorbed through your skin. 

Good news! You can limit the toxins you let into your system by making a few simple changes. 

  1. Use a good water filter! 
  2. Use glassware instead of plastic water bottles and food containers! 
  3. Use stainless steel, ceramic, or cast iron cookware! 
  4. Simply read the ingredients on all products you consume or use, especially the ones on a daily basis. Check food, water, creams and lotions, hair products, detergents, toothpaste, make up, colognes and perfumes, air fresheners, candles (yes candles can be toxic, ugh I love candles) – get the idea? 

Check anything that you ingest, breathe in, and absorb on your body. If you need some help with this NutriMD are the experts! Reach out and they can help you navigate toward a toxin free life.  Lots of these alterations and considerations are things that are low risk, high reward. Actually, I would venture to say no risk, high reward. Which is my favorite type of thing. My point is – Basic detoxing is pretty doable. And don’t give me any of that “but, but, but I can’t -”. No. Cars are driving themselves, you can get a glass water bottle. 

So, ideally, the first line of defense against the enemy of toxins is avoidance. In a perfect world, we wouldn’t ingest toxins! But we are imperfect people in an imperfect world, so I am happy to report that there is a rewind button of sorts! Detoxing is nothing to be afraid of when done correctly. PLEASE continue to eat despite any cleanse trends you might have heard about, in fact eating is a MUST while you detox. While a lot of detoxing is in your hands, you can do a more thorough detox through NutriMD. NutriMD offers a simple, accessible, actually feasible detox program. Yes, you get fun shakes but you will also get meal ideas and a more comprehensive list of tips to living toxin free. Trust me, it makes all the difference. As always, we are here as a resource for any questions, concerns, or if you’re ready to jump in and get a free consult. Did I mention the free consult was free? Until next time, be well!

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