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5 Tips to Jumpstart Your Fall Weight Loss…NOW!

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It’s hard to believe that Fall is here already, it was an atypical summer for most of us that’s for certain, but what’s also going around for certain is something that many deal with every year pandemic or not…the September scaries!  The moment you get out of bed from Summer and realize that you had a lot of fun times with your family and friends…and a little too much food and beverage!

With the Holidays around the corner (frightening) it’s time to push into high gear and get our health and weight affairs in order! The CDC estimates that the average American gains 6lbs during the holiday season, so those who tend to gain during the summer months also are in an even more precarious position regarding healthy weight.

Weight loss and refocusing on health doesn’t have to be cause for panic, we certainly have enough to worry about these days!  So, here are a few basic weight loss hacks our Medical Director at SeeBeyond™ Medicine, Dr. Lee is going to share! Let’s make weight loss less daunting this September!

Tip #1: Double down on hydration!

The AMA (American Medical Association) recommends adults drinks 2-3L a day, “Better yet, make it a gallon, a gallon a day keeps the doctor away!” says Dr. Lee.

Healthy water intake is important because fat burning is inherently dehydrating. Adequate water intake helps flush out toxins that are stored in the fat cells you break down during weight loss while keeping you hydrated and healthy.  “People drink way less water than they should, we aren’t only talking hydration here, water is a way to get toxins out of your body. Simply put, our urine, stool and sweat all have high water content, we need a steady stream of fresh water to rid our body of waste and maintain healthy weight. Water is vital to life, keep it moving!”

Fat burning is also a metabolic process which is inherently dehydrating, ensuring proper water intake can help prevent plateaus.

Tip #2: Take a Supplement Tip from an Expert 

My Weight was personally formulated by our Medical Director and Founder, Dr. Lee. After successfully treating thousands of patients suffering from obesity for over a decade she was able to crack the code. ” My Weight was formulated to tackle multi-faceted barriers to weight loss such as uncontrolled appetite, slow metabolism, stress and poor sleep. My Weight feels like a mild dose of phentermine (a popular weight loss drug made by pharmaceutical companies) and is generally safe for everyone trying to lose weight who wants a boost!” You can buy it now at 10% off through our online store!

Tip #3: Try a Detox Program! 

Sometimes a total overhaul is what you need to gain momentum and confidence. SeeBeyond Medicine has our very own 14-Day Fit Detox Kit, you can buy in in our online store right now at a 10% discount. The kit comes complete with a guide, so you’re never guessing on what you should be doing to start your weight loss journey. “Garcina Cambodia is a natural appetite suppressor, while carnitine helps the body break down fat. Green Tea extract is a powerful metabolic booster and chromium and vanadium are sugar busters!” Dr. Lee states. “14 days to start and focus your intentions is everything. It takes more than two weeks to change an eating habit but this program is an easy regiment to get you started.” Our 14-Day Fit Body kit has all you need to jump-start your weight loss! 

Tip #4: Intermittent Fasting

This trendy buzz word has so many meanings and parallel connotations that it can be hard to keep track of what intermittent fasting actually is. SeeBeyond™ Medicine structures out eat/fast windows for our patients in a 8/16 hour structure. Basically, we recommend you have an 8 hour eating window followed by a 16 hour fasting window. This type of dieting can reduce digestive stress and offer some structure to those who may benefit from these two things. Dr. Lee cautions us to only partake in intermittent fasting if it is sustainable within your general lifestyle,”Some develop compensatory behavior in which they eat more calories overall!” So make to pay attention 

Like any advice, it’s important to take what feels right and leave what doesn’t. If you have any questions on our supplements or suggestions, please use our Contact Us forum and we’d be happy to help you!

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