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I’m losing my mind NOT my weight

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I’ll get real for a second here. I was a heavier kid. And then I was a heavier tween. And then I was a heavier teenager. And then I was, you guessed it, a heavier adult. As kids too often do, I met a lot of people that were…less than kind to me about my weight. In fact, they were almost as cruel about my size as, well, I was. I won’t even try to count the number of times over the years when I’ve grabbed my stomach and groaned “WHY AM I NOT LOSING WEIGHT?”

It saddens me to know that I wasn’t alone in that I tried really, really hard for a really, really long time to change my life. I did all sorts of fad diets and I fell for all sorts of traps. I starved and ran myself into the ground. I was exhausting myself, physically and emotionally, but I wasn’t seeing the results that I thought I wanted, and I convinced myself that it was because I somehow still wasn’t working hard enough. Had I done this glorious thing called “research”, I could have saved myself a lot of tears and damage to my body.

I wish someone had told me that sometimes it might be hard even after the pounds are gone, but the work doesn’t stop when the scale hits a certain number. The good news is, it stops feeling so much like work. I wish someone had told me that maybe my progress would stall even though I was doing everything right, but that it was totally okay. I wish someone had been there for the years of my life that I wasted counting calories, to tell me that I was missing simple things which would allow me to be healthy. At long last, NutriMD became the resource I needed for so long, giving me the puzzle pieces I needed but didn’t even know I was missing!

Throughout my posts, I’ll be talking about tons of potential variables that can affect your body and, more importantly, how you can address those variables. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but sugar is probably hurting you a lot more than you think, and Britney Spears probably wrote “Toxic” about your food storage methods. If you’re anything like me, maybe you pumped your body full of grease and garbage for 20 years and then got frustrated when it didn’t immediately cooperate. Ah, how unfair I was to fail to consider that I wrecked my hormone levels, and that a pretty simple detox was the reset I needed. Luckily, Nurse Dayna starts everyone with the SeeBeyond Medicine Fit Detox Kit to reset and clean the liver (where fat gets burned), removing the toxins that hold up fat loss. Spoiler alert, there are lots of posts to come that are teeming with the science behind this. CAN YOU CONTAIN YOUR EXCITEMENT?!

Every day, I learn new ways to take better care of myself, and I hope you will too. If you are struggling like I once was, searching for ANSWERS about WHY it’s difficult to lose weight, we are here for you. Your body is a wonderfully complicated entity and, if you will allow us, we want to equip you to give it the love it deserves. Since your path to health will be specific to you, a free consult will get you started based on what will work best for you.

In short: Just because weight loss is hard work, doesn’t mean that you’re not working hard if you don’t lose weight. Woah, a triple negative? Don’t tell my elementary school grammar teacher. Mwahaha I’ve gone mad with power. SO YOU SEE I’VE TAKEN CONTROL, and you can, too! Until next time, be well!

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