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When To Give Dao Enzyme to Kids: A Comprehensive Guide for Conscious Parents

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Key Considerations Before Giving DAO Enzyme Supplements to Kids

The world of dietary supplements is broad and complex, often leaving even the most diligent parents with more questions than answers. This is especially true when dealing with unique health issues like histamine intolerance.

A key player in this discussion is Diamine Oxidase (DAO), a critical enzyme in the body that helps break down histamine. But when and how should DAO enzyme supplements be introduced to children? We’ll explore this subject in detail, aiming to bring clarity to parents and caregivers.

Understanding Histamine and DAO

Histamine is a vital substance in our bodies, contributing significantly to our digestive, immune, and nervous systems. However, excess histamine can lead to discomfort, causing symptoms such as nasal congestion, itching, headaches, and sneezing.

Enter Diamine Oxidase (DAO). This vital enzyme is our body’s natural histamine regulator, breaking down excess histamine and alleviating these symptoms. However, some people experience DAO deficiency, which results in a condition known as histamine intolerance.

It’s crucial to differentiate histamine intolerance from allergies – the symptoms are not tied to a particular food and do not trigger an immune cell reaction. Indeed, identifying the food that triggers symptoms can often be a challenging task.

Signs of Histamine Intolerance

Histamine intolerance typically manifests in several ways. If your child displays any of the following symptoms, it is advisable to consult with a healthcare provider:

  • Headaches
  • Stomach discomfort
  • Skin issues such as hives or flushing
  • Abdominal pain or digestive issues, including diarrhea
  • Breathing difficulties, like wheezing
  • Lightheadedness or fatigue
  • Emotional or mental health concerns, including anxiety or depression.

The Role and Benefits of DAO Enzymes in Children

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DAO enzymes play a pivotal role in managing histamine levels in children, particularly those struggling with histamine intolerance. Let’s delve into the key benefits of DAO enzymes and the significance of their role in children’s health.

Benefits of DAO Enzymes for ChildrenExplanationWhy it’s Important
Managing Allergic ReactionsDAO enzymes help regulate histamine, which plays a critical role in allergic responses.Introducing DAO enzymes in the child’s system could minimize the severity of allergic reactions, leading to fewer instances of discomfort and distress.
Reducing Symptoms of Histamine IntoleranceCommon symptoms of histamine intolerance in kids include abdominal pain, skin conditions, digestive issues, and in some cases, brain function issues.By aiding in the breakdown of histamine, DAO enzymes can reduce these symptoms, enhancing the child’s daily comfort and overall health.
Supporting a Low-Histamine DietSome foods are high in histamine content.For kids showing signs of histamine intolerance, supplementing a low-histamine diet with DAO enzymes can help manage histamine levels more efficiently, allowing for a wider and safer variety of food choices.
Regulating Histamine Levels in Blood VesselsDAO plays a role in controlling histamine levels in the bloodstream.Ensuring optimal DAO activity can prevent excess histamine from triggering adverse reactions in blood vessels, promoting healthier circulatory function.
Aiding in Digestive HealthIn patients with histamine intolerance, DAO supplementation can alleviate digestive symptoms, such as abdominal pain and discomfort.Improving digestive health can have a positive impact on nutrient absorption, energy levels, and overall well-being.
Boosting the Immune ResponseHistamine plays a role in activating white blood cells in response to foreign pathogens.By managing histamine levels, DAO helps maintain a balanced immune response, contributing to the child’s capacity to fight off infections and illnesses.
Reducing the Risk of Food IntolerancesDAO enzymes may help reduce the risk of food intolerances, which are often linked to histamine intolerance.Preventing food intolerances can broaden the range of safe food options for the child, improving dietary variety and nutritional balance.

Each of these areas highlights the key benefits DAO enzymes can provide to children, particularly those dealing with histamine intolerance. Always consult with a healthcare provider before introducing DAO enzymes to a child’s diet.

The Role of DAO Enzyme Supplements

DAO enzyme supplements are typically recommended for people with DAO deficiency. However, introducing them to children should be approached with care and consideration. For children as young as three years old, DAO enzyme supplements may be suitable.

Safe DAO Enzyme Use for Kids: What Parents Should Know

The benefits of DAO enzymes for kids with histamine issues can be significant, but caution is needed. Here are some things to keep in mind:

Other Natural Ways to Support DAO Enzyme Activity

While supplements are a helpful tool in managing histamine intolerance, they are not the only solution. Certain vitamins and minerals can activate the DAO enzyme, promoting its optimal function.

Nutrient/ElementRole in Histamine MetabolismFoods Rich in this Nutrient
Vitamins B6 and B12Activate the DAO enzyme, promoting its optimal functionLeafy greens, fish, poultry, meat, eggs, dairy
Iron and CopperContribute to DAO activityIron: red meat, spinach, lentils. Copper: shellfish, nuts, seeds
Vitamin CInvolved in the activation of DAO enzymeCitrus fruits, strawberries, bell peppers, kiwi
MagnesiumPlays a role in accelerating the breakdown of histamineLeafy greens, nuts, seeds, whole grains, fish
High-Quality ProteinsStimulate the release of DAO in the gutGrass-fed meats, fresh seafood
Olive OilShown to significantly increase DAO enzymes in the bloodOlive oil


How is histamine intolerance different from allergies?

Histamine intolerance involves an imbalance in the body’s histamine breakdown, triggering symptoms like headaches, abdominal discomfort, skin reactions, and mood disturbances. Unlike allergies, it’s not tied to specific foods or immune responses.

How can a low-histamine diet help children with histamine intolerance?

By limiting histamine-rich foods and promoting low-histamine options, this diet helps control histamine levels. Avoiding fermented, aged foods, certain fish, and alcohol can support digestion and ease histamine intolerance symptoms.

What roles do Vitamins B6 and C play in managing histamine intolerance?

These vitamins support the DAO enzyme responsible for histamine breakdown, hence regulating histamine levels. Vitamin C also aids white blood cell function and maintains blood vessel integrity, often compromised in histamine reactions.

How can I identify histamine intolerance in children, including those with autism or ADHD?

Symptoms such as persistent headaches, stomach pain, digestive problems, and behavior changes may indicate histamine intolerance. Consult a healthcare provider if you suspect histamine intolerance in your child. Tests, including blood tests or biomarker analyses, might be required.

What should I consider before introducing DAO enzymes or antihistamine medications to children with histamine intolerance?

Always consult a healthcare provider before starting these supplements, which could interact with other medications or cause side effects. Opt for products from reputable manufacturers. Discuss dosage and potential side effects thoroughly with your provider for antihistamine medications.


The decision to give DAO enzyme supplements to children must be made thoughtfully, with careful consultation with a healthcare provider.

These supplements, combined with a strategic diet rich in vitamins and minerals that support DAO activity, may bring relief to children dealing with histamine intolerance.

However, it’s crucial to monitor for potential side effects and to select high-quality, reputable supplements. As always, the health and well-being of our children require informed decisions, careful attention, and ongoing education.

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