Hi! I'm Hebba!!

Hi! I'm Hebba!!

Hi, all! My name is Hebba and I’ll be your NutriMD host for...well, however long you choose to read my posts. 



I’m finishing up my last semester in college and if all goes well, I’ll graduate with everything intact as a physics major and creative writing minor. Given the weird combination, I was happy to come across an opportunity (maybe the opportunity outside of the writers’ room of the Big Bang Theory) to contribute to the world of hard science and information with a splash more razzle dazzle than might be kosher in an academic journal.

Having struggled with weight for most of my life, I’m honored to be able to share my thoughts, experiences, and the crap ton of stuff that I’ve learned through working with NutriMD.  



I’ve done this dance, and I know that no two body transformation journeys look the same but maybe, wherever you are, I’ve been there. Maybe I’ll end up there tomorrow or in a month or two years from now. Maybe we’re going through the same stuff right now! Twinsies! We can hang out and shoot the breeze and get mani-pedis (if you’re treating, I have loans) and you can reach out with any questions or concerns you have, but let’s get something out there in the open first. 

Your health is so important. I hope that by the time you find your way to this blog, you’ve navigated here and set goals for yourself of your own volition. I do not want to conflate weight loss with an absence of body positivity. If you want a change, let it be because you love yourself and not because you hate yourself because, lucky you, you’re not going anywhere. Weight loss is a physically, mentally, and emotionally involved process and I, along with the NutriMD team of Nurse Dayna, Dr. Lee, and Chris, will help support and inform you so that you can go about it in a healthy way. 

My goal is not to inspire change; that’s not my or anyone else’s place but your own. What I hope to do here is give you the tools you need to do what you deem appropriate for your life and your body. I want to help you nourish yourself. I want to help you feel better and encourage you to check up on yourself. It will never be my intention to blindly promote lower numbers on a scale by whatever means necessary. It will always be to help you be healthy and happy. The goal is to give you information, tools, maybe a chuckle or two, and a support system as you move forward (and I have all the faith that you can and will move forward). Until next time, be well!